Site Option A - Missing Middle 8+ Unit Building(s)

See Site Plan, Enlarged Site Plan and Contextual Images.

This site is in a mid-sized city, along a primary commercial and mixed-use corridor, that links two significant commercial and institutional nodes. The corridor is a mix of small commercial uses, mostly two- and three-story structures, with moderate volume traffic.  Many of these structures were originally two-story residences where a commercial front was subsequently added to the building. A few have residential units above or in the original house behind the storefront. The intent is to show how small scaled, medium density housing (T4) can be appropriately integrated into this context.

Site Context: T4.

Build-to-Line: Must establish a Build-to-Line in accordance with New Urbanism Principles as appropriate for Transect Zone T4.

Building Height: Min 2 stories, Max 3 stories. Facade frontage should be prominent along the primary street.

Building Circulation: Minimum use of corridors.

Building Entries: Should be oriented toward a street or shared space, not toward a driveway. 

Building Types: Non-single family units (multiple units on site or within building). Units are stacked or attached side by side. Options for this site might include:

o   Townhouses

o   Live/Work Units

o   Courtyard Apartments (also known as U-Court or equivalent).

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