Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 - How do I ask questions during the competition?

A1 - During the registration and competition phases of the competition, all questions must be submitted only by email to the following address:

Pertinent questions and answers will be posted here for all competitors to review periodically during the competition.

Q2 -Would use of a patented system or configuration be in compliance with the Competition Terms and Conditions that state in part, “...the sponsoring organizations own the submitted materials…?”

A2 - The rules are sacrosanct concerning all entries becoming the property of the competition sponsors, and patented systems or configurations would not appear to be in conformance.

Q3 - Would it be possible to get the addresses of the three sites?

A3 - No. The three sites are provided only as representative examples or prototype locations f or the purposes of the competition. They are not necessarily expected to be developed as a result of the competition and the current land owners are not involved in the process of the competition. As such, no additional location information can be provided.

Q4 - How do we register a team of participants who are in different individual price categories?
 A4 - Teams with participants in different individual price categories must enter each team person separately (start the registration process from scratch on a separate form) and at the bottom of each registration form insert the same identical “team name.” AIA Michigan will then link those team members internally and know to expect only one entry from that specified ‘team name.” Teams with participants all in the same price category (e.g. all AIA Members) may use the “Guest” feature on just one registration form to include additional participants at the same rate.

Q5 – Will the jury members know the identities of the submitted design entrants during the judging, or will the judging be done using a “concealed identity” approach?

A5 – To the best of our abilities, the Competition Sponsors intend to conduct the judging process using the “concealed identity” approach. The jurors have indicated their preference for this fairer approach. Participants can assist in the process by keeping Title Block identification information to a minimum and limited in size.

Q6 – Once submitted, does the original designer/architect/student participant own the rights to use the design material after the competition?

A6 – All design materials and work product submitted in the Competition become the intellectual property of the Sponsoring Organizations as clearly stated in the Competition Guidelines. However, it is the core intent of the Competition to make the design materials and/or ideas available to any and all parties that would like to make use of them for real development projects and, as such, the original designer/architect/student would have the same opportunity to use the design concepts further. Ownership rights of the design materials will remain with the Competition Sponsors nonetheless.

Q7 - Please confirm the final Due Date and Time for the Competition Submittals.

A7 - The Submittals Deadline is Friday, May 22, 2015, 4:00pm Eastern Time Zone. All entries must be uploaded to the FTP Site by that time deadline. Please do not wait until time is about to expire in order to be sure that any difficulties you might experience can be resolved in a timely manner.

Q8- Can the required cost estimate be submitted as a separate document or must it be included on one of the three presentation drawings?

A8- Either method is acceptable. It may be included on one of the presentation drawings or it may be added as an additional document in letter size format.

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