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AIA Michigan has created these 3 free Social Media training videos just for you, our members. We understand that many architects are still at the fundamental stage of asking why you should invest in the use of Social Media and how you can do it successfully? That is exactly why we have made this resource available for you to utilize at any convenient time. The 1st of our 3 videos will help you understand why firms in our industry are using Social Media and how it is garnering so much attention. In general, business development has changed from “push marketing” to “pull marketing,” via relevant conversations that attract potential clients specifically to you. It boils down to forming the right relationships with the right decision-makers, and doing so the right way. The 2nd and 3rd videos explain in detail how to use the most relevant Social Media platforms for your business development benefit. So we strongly urge you to schedule the time to learn about the effective use of Social Media for the design industry. Share it with partners and staff alike. Get involved now – the industry will not be going back to the “old days!”

Important Handouts!

Video 1: Social Media Marketing Introduction

Video 2: Social Media Marketing: Facebook & LinkedIn

Video 3: Social Media Marketing: Visual Platforms

Videos developed by:

Jessie Metzler, Owner of All Social Jessie.

Social Media Marketing Introduction

Social Media Marketing: Facebook & LinkedIn

Social Media Marketing: Visual Platforms

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