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Looking for a speaker for your business group, public service organization or professional association? Consider this - while all of us view and interact with our community's buildings, few of us understand the built environment like architects - and we want to share our insights.

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is proud to announce that we have established a statewide Architect(ure) Talks of AIA members willing to speak to organizations just like yours.

You can schedule these complimentary presentations for your group by contacting the speaker. A brief description for each presentation is included below. More presentations will be available in the coming months!

"Barn Preservation Matters"

Presenter: Charles Bultman, AIA, Ann Arbor
Brief description: "Americans have always been infatuated with agrarian retreats and the simple life (as if farming is simple). Barns are the symbols of that simple life; surrounded by nature, living off the land, being self sufficient. Barns are also impressive; soaring spaces, warm with wood. And they exude a serious work ethic. One cannot stand in a barn and not be constantly reminded of the incredible amount of work that went into wrangling massive timbers and taming them with axes and saws. The hewing and the joinery are ever-present reminders of that effort.  As an architect who has a passion for saving these old structures I will talk about the history of barns in America and their fate today. I will talk about how they can also be adapted and used to make new and interesting architecture while respecting the past." (View full presentation summary here) CES: 2 LUs

To book this presentation, contact: Charles Bultman, AIA at 734-214-0810 and



“Making Detroit: History and Mystery”

Presenter: Stephen Vogel, FAIA, Detroit
Brief description: "This presentation covers the past, present and future of Detroit and is in three parts: Prehistory to 1950; 1950 to 2001; and 2002-future. 1950 is the year that the population in Detroit began to decline and 2001 is the year of the tri-centennial. The lecture focuses on the cultural forces that caused the physical manifestation of Detroit and is represented in visual images including drawings and photographs. The presenter has given various forms of this lecture over the past 25 years to international, national and local audiences. The presenter has practiced urban design, architecture and historic preservation in Detroit for over forty years and is currently a Professor of Architecture at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Architecture." (View full presentation summary here). CES: 2 LUs

To book this presentation, contact: Stephen Vogel, FAIA at 313-231-7616 (cell) and

"Reinventing Community through
Adaptive Use” 

Presenter: Elisabeth Knibbe, FAIA, Ann Arbor
Brief description: "This presentation uses completed projects in Detroit, Lansing, Jackson and Ypsilanti to illustrate the potential for the adaptive use of historic buildings to transform seemingly hopeless buildings into valuable community assets. The presentation considers not only the success of the architecture, but also the process including how architects envision the often hidden potential of obsolete buildings and how they assist the community and developers in realizing that potential. The presenter, Lis Knibbe, AIA is an architect with over 35 years experience adapting historic buildings for new uses.  Her projects have won numerous state and national awards for historic preservation, and awards from the AIA Detroit and AIA Michigan." (View full presentation summary here). CES: 2 LUs
To book this presentation, contact: Lis Knibbe, FAIA at 734-516-9230 (work) and

“Passive House: Energy Efficient Design Without Sacrificing Comfort or Aesthetics”
Presenter: Amanda Harrell-Seyburn, Associate AIA, East Lansing
Brief description: What if you could live in a house that does not sacrifice comfort, aesthetics or budget, and consume 80 – 90% less energy than current code standard construction? Why “build cheap and maintain expensively” with fossil fuels, when you can build well and maintain affordably with reduced electricity demands?(View full presentation summary here).  CES: 1 LUs
To book this presentation, contact: Amanda Harrell-Seyburn, Associate AIA at 810-238-9647 (business) or via email at

"Home Dreams: When to Renovate, Move On or Just Start Over!"

Presenter: Robert G. Clarke, Bloomfield Hills
Brief description: Have you ever looked around at the place you live call home and thought this could be a great place if I could just (fill-in the blank). Most of us  have no idea where to start the conversation. We certainly don’t know if it is a good idea or simply an unrealistic dream! Architects are uniquely suited to explore your dreams and visions for a fantastic home. As Architects we can evaluate the smallest to grandest visions for their practicality, cost implications and overall design potential. (View full presentation summary here). CES: 2 LUs

To book this presentation, contact: Robert G. Clarke, AIA at 248-645-2605 (business) or via email at

“Architectural Styles and the Forces That Shaped Them”

Presenter: Daniel E. Bollman, East Lansing
Brief Description: Historical architectural styles are significantly shaped by the social and technological developments of their respective eras. A knowledgeable student of history will be able to identify the era in which a building was constructed using information regarding its structure, ornament and materials.  The presentation is developed for a nonprofessional audience. (View full presentation summary here) CES: 1 LUs

To book this presentation, contact: Daniel E. Bollman, AIA at 517-993-8148 (business) or via email at 

"Public Private Partnerships: Architects - An Impartial Voice”
Presenter: David M. Lick, PA, Lansing
Brief Description: After 25 years of seasoning, Public Private Partnerships (P3) are now viewed as a new source of financial energy to build infrastructure and create economic development. The concept behind P3s is to leverage government power and government financial contributions with private capital to create and complete public infrastructure projects. (View full presentation summary here) CES: 1 HSW

To book this presentation, contact: David M. Lick, PA at 517-371-8294 (business) or via email at 


“Why Design Matters: Designing for the Patient Experience”  
Presenter: Kimberly N. Montague, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP, Detroit
Brief Description: With the recent changes in our U.S. healthcare system, consumerism has reached new heights. Health care organizations realize that their communities are paying greater attention not only to quality and safety, but also have a renewed focus on the patient experience. This presentation will focus on specifics and case studies that generate discussion on the relationship between the patient experience and how the design of an environment can directly affect health outcomes. (View full presentation summary here) CES: 1 HSW

To book this presentation, contact: Kimberly Montague, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP at 248-880-9851 or via email at

"Green Lean and Adaptive: Designing with the Future in Mind"

Presenter: Kimberly N. Montague, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP, Detroit
Brief Description: This presentation reviews the connections between sustainability efforts, lean operations and adaptive spaces. While each could be a separate topic, the thesis is that they are inherently linked to one another and form a strong foundation for a triple bottom line. (View full presentation summary here) CES: 1 LU

To book this presentation, contact: Kimberly Montague, AIA, EDAC, LEED AP at 248-880-9851 or via email at

"Lighthouses Along the Rivers of Steel"

Presenter: Ron Campbell, AIA and Jackie Hoist, AIA, Flint
Brief Description: Take an engaging look at one of America’s most recognizable and endearing building types, the train depot. For most cities the depot was the center of commerce, information and transportation. Created across America by the railroad companies... (View full presentation summary here) CES: TBD

To book this presentation, contact: Ron Campbell, AIA at 248-858-5436, or Jackie Hoist, AIA at 810-287-6890,

More presentations coming soon!

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